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Last year I won an Inspire! Award in 2019 for my learning achievements and the steps that I took to get to where I am today. I had a challenging... Read Full Blog Post
Catrin Pugh
Getting back into education after a long break can be daunting for anyone. When you then factor in your responsibilities, or in my case disabilities, it can seem unachievable. But... Read Full Blog Post
Emily Harding
After having my son, I faced many personal issues, experiences I had in childhood resurfaced leaving me riddled with depression and anxiety. After a few years of barely leaving the... Read Full Blog Post
Lynda Sullivan
I worked as a cook for 10 years and enjoyed my job until I became ill with depression and panic attacks which meant I could no longer work, I stayed... Read Full Blog Post
Rose Probert
I come from a Gypsy Traveller background and although my initial education was a positive one, I did lack confidence and had to focus on looking after my disabled brother.... Read Full Blog Post