Spotlight on lifelong learning as Adult Learners’ Week returns

Learning later in life can provide a whole host of opportunities, whether you’re looking to get into or return to work, secure a promotion, change career, or equally to keep your mind sharp, have fun and expand your social circle.

Adult Learners’ Week celebrates lifelong learning, whether in educational institutions, through work, at home or as a leisure activity. Co-ordinated by Learning and Work Institute with the support of Welsh Government and the European Social Fund, Adult Learners’ Week shines a spotlight on the breadth of adult learning options available and highlights the positive impact of adult education on skills and employability.

Research from the Learning and Work Institute found that adults are motivated to take up learning for a range of reasons: to develop themselves as a person (27%); to help improve in their job (27%); an interest in the subject (26%); to get a recognised qualification (24%): because they enjoy it (22%).

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