Experience: I couldn’t read until I was 34
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Barry college student lands Inspire Award
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National award for Milford Haven school
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Myfyriwr o Brifysgol Abertawe’n cipio gwobr o fri
Ddydd Iau 6 Mehefin, enwyd Andrea Garvey, sy'n fyfyriwr o Ysgol y Gyfraith Hillary Rodham Clinton yn enillydd 'Gwobr Newid Bywyd a Dilyniant' yng Ngwobrau Ysbrydoli! Addysg y Sefydliad Dysgu... Read Full News Story
Former Prisoner Helps Drug Addicts Overcome Their Addiction
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Gwobr Fawreddog OU50 yn cael ei Chyflwyno i Ysgol Monkton Priory
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National award for Milford Haven school
National award for Milford Haven school The school even runs a free crèche so parents can improve their maths and english and invites grandparents to learn alongside their grandchildren. The... Read Full News Story
Parent Group at school where around 50 languages are spoken wins Inspire! Awards for supporting learning.
A group set up to help parents at a city school to improve their English language skills has won a national award. Cathays High School’s Parents Learning Group has been... Read Full News Story
Chester coach crash survivor wins awards after making dramatic recovery
A WOMAN who suffered burns to 96 per cent of her body in a crash in France is to board a coach again for the first time since the accident.... Read Full News Story
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National award winner with Meares-Irlen syndrome talks about his year since scooping the Overall Learner of the Year award
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Spotlight on lifelong learning as Adult Learners’ Week returns
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Dewch yn rhan o Wythnos Addysg Oedolion!
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