Lynda Sullivan

I worked as a cook for 10 years and enjoyed my job until I became ill with depression and panic attacks which meant I could no longer work, I stayed at home.

For over 10 years panic attacks took over my life until one day a leaflet came through my door promoting adult learning. I looked at the leaflet for over a week and finally managed to apply for computers for beginners course.

I was very nervous – I explained to the staff at the community center how nervous I was, and they were amazing, the tutor was also amazing. I found myself enrolling for another 4 years! My health improved this was all down to the dedicated staff and all the new friends I had made. My family were so proud of me, they could see how far I have come and the new change in me.

I then went on with many others in my community to save a playing field from being turned into a housing estate. I now run 10 football teams called Ely United Juniors on that very field and I’m involved in a charity called Ely Garden Villagers and I get involved in lots of things in my community.

After college I got myself a job in a care home and became a support worker – I worked there for 8 years and really enjoyed my job, the confidence I gained from the first computer course encouraged me to go on and to do a diploma in social care. I am now retired and doing voluntary work alongside Ely Garden Villagers as the club secretary and I’m also the secretary of Ely United Juniors FC. All that I learned through adult learning has helped me so much with all the paper work I have to do.

I could not do the things I do within my volunteer work if I hadn’t found adult learning.

If I hadn’t had the courage that day to get out of the house and sign up for a course – I would never have been able to save our only playing field from development and would never have been able to go back to work.

Adult learning changed my life I would encourage everyone to enrol in something. I finally have my life back all because of that leaflet for adult learning dropping through my door.

Lynda signed up for a course at Michaelston Community College her first course was computers for beginners, and she enjoyed it so much she went on to do another computer course called CLAIT and photography courses, before moving back into work and becoming a community activist.


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